Baptist Missions

A Legacy

Trinity Baptist Temple is honored to be the stewards of Latin American Baptist Missions (LABM). We see it as a great purpose to continue on the legacy that was started over 40 years ago. It is through this legacy that tens of thousands have been saved and even more have been taught and ministered to. LABM spreads the gospel and preaches to the Spanish speaking people of Latin America. Over 16 cities and villages are served in Mexico as a result of this ministry.

How it All Began

LABM was founded in 1967 by Ernest C. Atchley, Sr. and his family in Mexico. Click HERE to download a brief history of LABM.


Click HERE to download a brief history of LABM.

Latin American Baptist Missions not only supports pastors that we have commissioned, but we also send support to other missionaries that have been commissioned and sent by other churches or mission boards. We help support people and organizations that have the same passion and mission as we do.

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Tala Baptist Templo

Pastor: Raymundo Chavez
Location: City of Tala in the state of Jalisco, Mexico

Pastor Raymundo preaches to churches in over 15 villages in Mexico.

We are focusing our efort to increase funding to help locate and support additional pastors to oversee churches in many of the villages.
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Gospel Radio Latin America

Gospel Radio Latin America is oriented through Landmark Baptist Church in Kennedale, TX and is managed by James E. Denman. LABM is proud to help support their efforts and commissioning.

  • Station 149
  • 3 language broadcasts
  • 3 language Bible institutes
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Instituto Biblico Enfocando en La Iglesia Local (IBENIL)
In 1968 Phil and Mary Gagnon were approved as World Baptist Fellowship missionaries to Honduras. They were sent by their home church, Grace Baptist Church in Fort Worth, TX. IBENIL is focused on training local pastors in Latin America to strengthen the church in that area.
The Gagnons have been a tremendous blessing to the work of the gospel in Latin America. Through their Bible institute they have helped train thousands of pastors to serve in Latin America. LABM supports their efforts through World Baptist Fellowship.
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The Ellzey Family

The Ellzey family are missionaries to Bolivia. They have been sent by Bible Baptist Church in Rogers, AR.

LABM helps support their efforts to reach the lost in Bolivia through their sending church.