Southeast Asia Baptist Missions

So, what are we doing?
We have been lead to Southeast Asia, that is why we started SEABM. Our pastors in Southeast Asia are some of the most giving and dedicated pastors in the world. They love the Lord and serve Him and the Asian Pacific island countries and mainland Asia. Click on the links to the right to view information about each of our SEABM churches!

Did you know?
It is easier for a Filipino to go into Southeast Asian countries than Americans. We support and train them to grow the gospel in their area and to develop others who will travel and plant other churches.

We put on marriage conferences to encourage, strengthen, and train the people.

We support them financially and give guidance and advice.

We help them spread the gospel around the area and support additional pastors.

What are the benefits?
Local pastors do not have to worry about the language, cultural or financial obstacles that face non-national missionaries.

In many places you can support 15 to 50 local pastors for the cost of supporting one American missionary!

Spreading of the gospel is increased significantly

Help them grow their congregations to be self supporting and use their support for another pastor.


While we are the mission board of record for most of these pastors, Southeast Asia Baptist Missions also sends support to other missionaries that have been commissioned and sent by other churches or mission boards. We help support people and organizations that have the same passion and mission as we do.

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Home Bible Baptist Church

Pastor: Alexis Alba
Location: The Community of T. Padilla in the City of Cebu City in the Province of Cebu, Philippines
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Bible Baptist Temple

Pastor: Jun Ambo
Location: The City of Taloot, Argao in the Province of Cebu, Philippines
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World In Need Baptist Church

Pastor: Rio Barba
Location: The City of Tagbilaran in the Province of Bohol, Philippines
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Liberty Bible Baptist Mission

Pastor: Arturo Catamco
Location: The City of Guihulngan in the Province of Negros Oriental, Philippines
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Bible Baptist Temple

Pastor: Juanito Lim
Location: The City of Sibonga in the Province of Cebu, Philippines
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Berean Bible Baptist Church,
Berean Bible Baptist College, &
Berean Christian Academy
Pastor: Janel Nemeno
Location: The City of Binalbagan in the Province of Negros Occidental, Philippines
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Bible Baptist Church
Pastor: Lemuel Nemeno
Location: The City of Badian in the province of Cebu, Philippines.
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Liberty Baptist Temple

Pastor: Renan Reyes
Location: The City of Bais in the Province of Negros Oriental, Philippines
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Berean Bible Baptist Church

Pastor: Dominador Sarap
Location: The City of Bais in the province of Negros Oriental, Philippines
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Da Huoai Baptist Church
Pastor: Hieu Khaut Dinh
Location: The Da Huoai District, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam
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China                   back to top
Unfortunately, due to security risks for the missionaries and pastors in China, we are not able to list their information on our website. However, we ask that you continue to pray for them and their ministries to the people of China and Southeast Asia.
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Solomon S. Rao Saripalli
Solomon Saripalli was sent to India in 1980 by East Side Baptist Church in Vernon, TX. SEABM is honored to support him and his family's efforts through his sending church. He has helped plant many churches in India.
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Bible Institute of Biblical Learning and Education (BIBLE)
Founded in 2003 by Rufus and Solomon Saripalli in Secunderabad, India, BIBLE has been the Bible college for many pastors in India.
Since 1995 Rufus Saripalli has been working to translate the King James Version of the Bible into two of prominent languages in India, Telugu and Hindi.
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